There are various divers that call coastal New Jersey home during the winter months; probably one of the most infamous is the Broadbill aka, Scaup or Bluebill.  New Jersey’s coastal waterways have been known for its great Broadbill gunning since the market hunting days.  While Broadbill numbers are down over the past 30 years, late season diver hunting offers excellent gunning opportunities
to harvest both Greater Scaup and Lesser Scaup.  With our ability to be mobile and our Bankes 2- man layout boat we are able to setup on these birds and be nimble day to day.  Other common divers taken in New Jersey include Bufflehead and Ruddy Ducks.  Occasionally harvested from our coastal waterways are Redheads, Canvasbacks and Goldeneyes.  You haven’t hunted until you have tried a New Jersey open water layout shoot!