Why hunt New Jersey?
There is more than 100 miles of of huntable coastline, we focus on approximately 50 miles in order to get you on the ducks. New Jersey winters the largest population of brant and black ducks on the entire Atlantic Flyway. This table clearly shows that New Jersey is the destination to hunt brant!
State Count State Count
MA 3.025 NJ 124,590
CT 500 MD 535
RI 940 VA 14,355
NY 37,675 FL 11
Note: Information on Atlantic brant ecology was derived from Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America by Frank C. Bellrose
Will we customize a hunt to to specifically target certain waterfowl?
Absolutely, we have many taxidermy collectors from around the world hunting with us every year looking for that trophy bird of a lifetime.
What size shot do you recommend?
We recommend steel shot #2 3”- 3 ½” 12 gauge but you are certainly welcomed to use what you feel most comfortable with.
What choke should we use?
We recommend Improved Cylinder, Light modified or Modified we are shoot birds decoying in over decoys, there is nothing better than watching ducks work the spread!
Do we ever drop guys off in the marsh?
Never, we’re with you all day instructing you, glassing for waterfowl and working the dogs we are here to make you hunt with us memorable.
When is the best time to book a hunt?
It depends on the specie of waterfowl that you are looking to hunt, we recommend giving us a call and discussing the type of hunt you are interested in.
What time is a typical waterfowl hunt concluded?
No specific time, we don’t watch the clock we are hunters first and enjoying being out on the water as much as you!