Sea Ducks

Sea ducks can be a very exciting bird to hunt and make a great mount.  The most common sea ducks that are targeted are Scoters all three species Surf, Common and White-wing.  The other abundant bird that we target is the Oldsquaw aka (Long-Tailed duck).  Scoters and Oldsquaw are hunted from late October all the way thru the end of the season in late January.  Scoters and Oldsquaws together can be targeted on the Atlantic Ocean however due to rough conditions on the North Atlantic during the winter we can’t always get out.  We suggest when booking this type of hunt that you are flexible either booking when other ducks are in season or booking multiple days.  Oldsquaw hunting on open bays out of the layout boat  can be very productive when the weather doesn’t cooperate.  Eiders are not a bird that is common to New Jersey however a few are harvested each year.  Sea duck hunting is definitely not for the faint of heart!